Stocks Pump'n'Dump As Crude Crumbles To 3-Week Lows

Tyler Durden

2016-10-27 04:25:49
Kaiser Sousa Oct 26, 2016 4:07 PM when i awoke this morning the Dow Jones Propaganda Index was down 72 points…then in a matter of only a few minutes it inexplicably reverse ramped almost 100 points to turn positive… it was then that i decided to scour the Lamestream media, Alt-Media, and lastly ZeroHedge headlines to uncover what could be behind such a preposterous, absolutely fraudulent spike across all the Fraud indices… however before i could conclude my inquiry the DJPI spiked another 50 plus points to recapture the all important, CON fidence inspiring 18,200 mark coincidentally beginning exactly in the last 30 minutes of “trading” in the EuroPeon cesspool of fraud and manipulation - Londone… it was then that i realized that what had occurred was the same bullshit i’ve witnessed for the last 5-7 years running…that being that the Fraud Markets ramped on ABSOLUTLEY NO GENUINE POSITIVE MACRO-ECONOMIC, GEO-POLITICAL NEWS OR DATA WHATSOFUCKINGEVER… at that moment , roughly 9:14 am, i realized that for todays "Fraud Markets Wrap” to be posted latter in the day, i could simply “cut & paste“ from previous commentaries regarding what the rest of the day would portend because as i and many others have learned - “When the same bullshit happens every day there’s no need to type…just cut and paste…” - Kaiser Sousa - so thats precisely what i did… "then, of course yet again all of the U.S. Fraud Indices entered into the sideways shuffle, ridiculous narrow “trading” pattern you all now as “suspended levitation” for the bulk of the day…” - Kaiser Sousa - from every day the last 2 years. then in the famous last 2 hours of “trading”, and despite the “markets” coughing up the phony reversal implemented by “you know who”,they nonetheless fought to the death to hold on to those “green shoots” with “investors” piling into such noted bail weathers like , BOEING, NIKE, GE, and DISNEY pushing the DJPI back above the 18,200 mark… proving that the recovery in the land of the “exceptional’s” continues to shower its’ waiters, bartenders, fast food servers, and interest income starved senior citizens with generational wealth and prosperity for all… lastly, as for the blatant attempts to hold the phony paper prices of Gold & Silver within ridiculous “trading ranges” while the global financial and monetary system crumbles before “eyes that dare to see” alike every fiat currency (WITHOUT EXCEPTION!!) has throughout history - lets just say this…how much more obvious can the Fed, Exchange Stabilization Fund, ThreadNeddle St. inbreeds, and Scum St. flunkies make it for you DEATH TO THE FUCKING MONEYCHANGERS.